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GigaDevice provides 32-bit general-purpose 云鼎娱乐官网s with Arm® Cortex®-M and RISC-V cores



GD32云鼎娱乐官网 development tools provide comprehensive tools for different product lines,  help developers achieve rapid and convenient design. Meanwhile, through joint  efforts with the world's leading industrial partners, GigaDevice has introduced a rich and comprehensive development ecosystem that supports and incorporates multiple  integrated development environments (IDEs), evaluation boards (EVBs), graphical user interfaces (GUIs), security components, embedded AI, operating systems and cloud connectivity solutions, to further make it easy for developers to get started.


Developer Support

GD32 云鼎娱乐官网 development tools provide datasheets and hardware/software supporting documents for each 云鼎娱乐官网 product series, as well as a complete range of full-featured evaluation boards and starter kits. Developers can download the corresponding program code libraries from the云鼎娱乐官网 technical website to test all peripheral functions of the chip. Meanwhile, it is quick and easy to modify sample code and build software development for new projects. In addition, a series of online tutorial videos are available on the云鼎娱乐官网 technical website for developers to learn online and quickly master the development skills of云鼎娱乐官网 products.